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Third Eyesight's training programmes are based on requirements put forth by our past and present clients in retail and consumer goods sector, addressing the need for professionally trained managers and personnel to keep their skills and business practices up-to-date.

The foundation of our expertise in training is the hands-on experience of our team while working within the industry both as operational managers and consultants. The training modules have an on-the-job approach for management skills up-gradation, where applied solutions to problems can be demonstrated and short term results are visible.

Training Programmes

  • Bespoke training for companies, from senior-most levels to frontline employees
  • Bi-annual in-house training programmes for generalized skills up gradation in a focused management functions
  • Design and develop training dockets and curriculums for in-house training
  • ‘Train the Trainer’ programmes to allow organisations to take care of their on going training needs
  • Industry best-practice workshops on topics such as branding, product development, supply chain etc.

What can we do for you?
Third Eyesight has the experience and the expertise to offer you training solutions in the following areas:

  • Back End merchandising systems
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product Development and Product Forecasting
  • Merchandise Planning
  • Raw Material Sourcing
  • Retail Merchandising
  • QA for Retail - management systems and product
  • SOPs for back office functions and front end functions
  • Customer Service and soft skills training for front-end staff and managers
  • Business Communications

Third Eyesight also has the expertise to design and develop training dockets and curriculums for in-house training based on company’s specific requirements which can then be implemented by the organizations in-house trainers.

Our Training Engagements

Third Eyesight has worked with many organisations in the retail and consumer goods sector including Leading international-brand fast food chain in India, Multi-billion dollar European retailer, Indian retailer with international brand franchise, Industry Associations and many others on bespoke training programmes from senior level to front-line professionals in the organisation.




What Clients have said about Third Eyesight Workshops

"In-depth and sector-specific know-how"

“Excellent insights on the process adaptation of case studies to overcome bottlenecks during entire product life cycle.”

“An eye opener on facets of supply chain… great insights into breaking a mindset in its current form to improve speed of actions…”

“Valuable insights on shortening lead times and culture of quick decision making”

“Clarity of thought …a new perspective of doing business…”

“Fresh inputs to relook and reengineer our business processes”

 “Right and appropriate examples…interactive presentation…very light, yet serious…“

“The contents of the workshop were clearly divided in smaller groups and had dedicated focus on them…helped understand the subjects better…”

“Training methodology encouraged discussions, exploration and thought processes”


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