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December 4th, 2007 by admin

Third Eyesight is an advisory and services firm focussed on consumer products and retail ecosystem. We work with leading retailers, brands, manufacturers, solution providers and service providers ranging from small start-ups to companies who are the leaders in their respective markets, as well as with financial investors who are invested in or are interested in the sector. (Please browse through our website for more details.)

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One Response

  1. Michael Flanagan Says:

    Devangshu, hi

    Interesting post a day or two ago on your LinkedIn column about kirana shops.

    Among my other lives, I’m a director of the village Deli in my Cotswold microtown. Two months ago, we thought we’d go out of business when Lockdown forced our cafe (40% of sales) to close.

    Instead, sales last week were 28% up on the same week last year. We’ve had to adjust our offer in all sorts of ways, but the message is the same (in a way) as yours.

    We’re far from unique: in fact the “local shop” segment in the UK now has a bigger share of the grocery market than online (in spite of the spurt online’s had during the virus – though that spurt’s only the same as local stores’). While the media’s stuffed with stories about “everyone” shifting online, the move to using local stores is, if anything, even more marked (except by journalists!)

    It’d be an exaggeration here to say we’ve dramatically altered daily lives: but we (and our peers) have made Lockdown a lot less miserable for many people than it’d have been if we’d not been around.

    I’m struggling, though, to get the media to grasp this.

    EXcellent post as ever. Keep up the good work


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