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The Slow Side of Fast Food

August 17th, 2010 by Devangshu Dutta

Most of the people reading this would be familiar with fast food, and think of it as a cheap, tasteless, “throw-away” excuse for food. You may think of it as a deeply penetrated product category, close to being ubiquitous.

Here’s a picture that tells the other story.

For these kids, who are clearly not able to afford the products, the fries, burgers etc. are aspirational and exciting. For them, McDonald’s is clearly not open early enough (in their lives).

McDonald's India aspirational and exciting?

It’s a different perspective when you look through the other side of the glass, I guess.

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2 Responses

  1. Subir Ghosh Says:

    Yes, it is, Devangshu. till a point. But not to the extent of the green being so green on the other side. Quite often we know the value of something when we get it in our hands.

  2. Ruth Says:

    Well, those kids looking in at McDonalds because they can’t afford it may be the winners. Fast food, especially an abundance, leads to kids obesity, heart disease, diabetes.

    In the long run, being on the other side may be the best for the kids,

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